10 small daily habits that will help you lose weight

 Are you wondering how some people keep slim and slim bodies without engaging in diet and stoning programs like most of us do?

10 small daily habits that will help you lose weight

There are some small and simple daily habits but their effect is great in helping you lose and maintain your weight.


1. Don't disenfranchise yourself.

There is no single type of food that causes obesity, the key here is moderation, you can enjoy all the foods you love but moderately and pay attention to the quantities you consume from each food.

2. Stop eating before you get full.

Despite being an old nutrition tip, but actually effective in controlling the quantities handled, chew your eating slowly and leave a short period of time between bite and bite, to enjoy the taste you eat, without reaching the full limit.

3. Make half your plate of vegetables

Vegetables are rich in fiber, and water and low in calories, and they help fill your stomach and make you feel full.

4. Do not delete any meal from your meals

Many believe that if they delete one of their meals it will help to lose some fat and reduce weight, but unfortunately deleting meals is the reverse effect.

The body tries to store more fat and save energy when exposed to periods of lack of food, as a defensive way to protect the body from starvation.


5. Drink enough fluids.

We often confuse hunger with thirst, our bodies need water in energy conversion and dispensing processes, If you meet the lack of water in the body with more food, you increase the situation..

So drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, And avoid high beverages with sugar or salt, because these liquids need more water to discharge into the body,

6. Don't eat in front of the TV or any other electronic device.

Eating in front of electronic devices makes you eat larger amounts unconsciously and realize the quantities you eat, so stay away from the devices at the time of meals and look at each bite you eat and chew well to listen to each of them.

7. Avoid eating after dinner.

Calories give us the energy to move, and you don't need the energy to sleep, so avoid eating before bedtime as much as possible, and if you want a snack on long nights, choose healthy and low-calorie snacks.

You can find some suggestions for healthy snacks in ideas for healthy snacks that are convenient to the working environment.


8. Take enough sleep every night (6 to 8 hours).

Some studies have shown that fewer hours of night sleep increase appetite and boost cravings for high-calorie foods that will eventually lead to weight gain.


9. Laughter also lightens weight

It may seem strange, but some studies have suggested that laughter for 15 minutes a day helps burn 10 to 40 calories depending on body size and severity of laughter and that happiness is associated with healthy lifestyles.

10. Move from your place more.

Take a tour around your home or place of residence, drop your car a little further from the store gate or mall, leave the elevator for the elderly and for the lazy and use the stairs, do the housework yourself and play with the kids every now and then, etc.

All these habits and simple changes in your daily life help you burn fat, keep your weight and enjoy life and health more.

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