What is the best e-Commerce platform 2022?

Of the 80% of the US population who shop online, more than 50% would rather buy online than in person.

This is good news for sellers because, with the right tools, it is easy for any small business to quickly start selling online and join the gold rush.

With the right e-commerce site builder site, you can list your products, receive payments, and handle shipping - all without leaving the comfort of your home office.

Sell ​​more and keep your customers happy.

What is the best eCommerce platform 2022

Best Online Store Platforms


OpenCard is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms because it is open source and easy to use...

The strength of this platform also lies in its special design, which gives you a lot of bonuses to modify your own store to suit your market or needs. In addition, it accepts payment through its platform in cooperation with service providers like Paypal and many more.

By contrast, Opencart isn't suited to high-volume stores and doesn't offer as many features as its first competitor, Magento.


This platform is more specialized for large companies and organizations that require a lot of products. This and del show the strength of this platform but it is not favored with the middle because it is difficult to handle compared to an open cart.

But it also shares that it is open source and there is a paid version for organizations that need technical support.

The difficulty of this platform in the density of services and features it offers makes it difficult to learn or know everything that the platform offers, as well as its high price if you want to use the paid service.

Woo Commerce

One of the advantages of this platform is that it comes as an addition to the/WordPress ./So if you are a WordPress user you will find it easy to install and handle this addition... With its best-known features, its analytical services help to follow up and report its analysis on everything at the store.

It can be customized services as you wish. Woo Commerce also offers a lot of free services like the rest of the platforms but if you want to customize your site away from WordPress here, the platform will no longer be free, and you may also find it difficult to customize your store and transfer your content.


This platform is one of the easiest platforms for e-commerce ease and fame. Because it doesn't need much time and effort to equip, as through a simple monthly subscription you will have an instant store ready to deal directly with customers.

There's even a copy of it for dealing with social networks. Although this platform is considered to be one of the best on the scene, it is very expensive. This is not a good option at all at the beginning of a new online store.

Big Commerce

It comes like Shopify as both depend on them being in monthly prepaid subscriptions. Almost with the same features and differences here comes a price, customization features, and additions.

All these stores are the perfect solution for any person or institution wishing to design/store online/.

Where do you have something to install on your website if WordPress is like WooCommerece or what gives you the possibility to build your store with special tools like Shopify and BigCommerce.

Magento and open cart are solutions for enterprises that want to create a professional store from the start, with Magento as a preference.

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