What is organization and time management?

Time management is not only aimed at completing tasks, but also at ordering them in order of priority, and implementing them according to this priority in the first place, and therefore time management is very important.

because a person finds a large number of tasks in front of him most of the time, the lesson here is to divide them and put them in a schedule And not walk randomly.

What is organization and time management

What are time management skills? Time Management

Skills you must have, for example:

1. Organizing makes you well aware of the tasks that need to be completed and timed. Organizing here means having a notepad divided into subjects.
a calendar with your dates or paper arrangement so that it is accessible and other things that you find appropriate for your lifestyle or the nature of your tasks.

2. Prioritize assessing responsibilities and tasks in skill priorities necessary for successful time management, for example, you can finish short quick tasks first and then move to longer tasks, finish simple and then complex tasks, or urgent ahead of the future, or as you see it.

3. The first step to reaching the goal is to determine it and then know the way to it, and you can't achieve anything given the top of the pyramid, and you have to break down the big tasks into smaller tasks 

4. Planning Planning is a key pillar of time management skills, if it is necessary to chart the course of your day, meeting times, shopping, car repair, and follow-up to the children's school to other tasks that have not, will not, will not end.

What are time management methods?

1. Intellectual maps Many would prefer to use mental maps to divide and branch tasks instead of being confused and indiscriminate to enjoy peace of mind. It's like "cutting" the information entangled in your mind and "sticking it" in a mental map.

Your mind is free to accomplish your tasks one by one. There are several programs and sites to design mental maps, but you can simply use the popular MS PowerPoint software for it.

2. You can write whatever you want on your notepads like random questions that fall into your mind all the time, a shopping list, car parts, or functional skills. You do not need a paper or a pen and delete words from time to time.

You can use dozens of apps on your mobile phone, we explain to you Google Keep app for simplicity and effectiveness, you can also link it to your account and automatically update the notepad so that if you lose data on your phone, you can easily recover it.

What is organization and time management

3. Calendar If you attend many meetings both inside the halls and online, and if you meet many people, no doubt you may be confused and you may forget one of the meetings, which may damage your reputation or cause you great harm.

Here comes the importance of a calendar that arranges your appointments and sends you an alert of its approaching or when it is due, and we nominate a Google Calendar for its ease and the possibility to sync it on your account automatically.

The benefits of good time management.

When you know how to manage your time effectively, you can unlock many benefits. These include:

  • Greater productivity and efficiency.
  • Less pressure.
  • Better professional reputation.
  • Increase opportunities for advancement.
  • More opportunities to achieve your career goals.
  • In general, you begin to feel more in control, with confidence in choosing the best way to use your time.

By feeling happy, relaxed, and being able to think better, you are in a great place to help others reach their goals


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