What is Shopify? Shopify Features and Disadvantages

The presence of Shopify is a major factor that facilitated the idea of ​​setting up an online store. If you want to get into the e-commerce space, you will undoubtedly need to create a store, and that's where Shopify comes in.

In general, there are a large number of ways in which you can create an online store that will allow you to sell and profit from it.

What is Shopify Shopify Features and Disadvantages

Creating a store on Shopify is as easy as creating a social media account, so it's an excellent option for many who want an easy way to create an online store with a single platform that offers everything.

In this article, we introduce you to Shopify and give you a detailed analysis of the advantages it offers in the field of online store creation, also we will talk about the packages that it provides and a lot of other important things about the great Shopify platform.

What is Shopify Shopify?

Put simply and in a nutshell, Shopify is an e-commerce platform created in 2004 and available in more than 170 countries, where you can create your online store and sell your products in many ways (such as direct payment or by credit card), and your store can be connected to 100 payment gateways.

What can you sell on Shopify?

You can sell on Shopify almost everything you want like books, hotel reservations, airline tickets, educational chairs, household items, accessories, cosmetics, car rental fulfillment, real estate consultancy, and much more.

Shopify Features

Shopify is a system that provides store owners and e-businesses with a lot of tools, reports, and capabilities that are required and important that every e-store owner needs.

Such as identifying and accepting payments from customers, communicating with them, as well as receiving all complaints from them (if any).

Various business plans

What also sets Shopify apart is its many monthly business plans at a varied cost depending on the package and you can choose what works for you (because Shopify offers a 14-day trial for users to try out the platform).

Reply to all screens

We also won't forget that Shopify is responsive to all screens, i.e. your Shopify store will be responsive to all screens in all measurements whether on a phone, tablet, laptop, or any other device.

Free Templates

One of the advantages of Shopify is that it offers free templates for online stores of about 10, so there is no need to design a template (because if you want you can edit the HTML + CSS template without any problems).

Add employees to work with you:

You can add employees to work with you in the store if you don't have the time to work on them.

SEO Compatible Stores:

Shopify is SEO friendly, so the percentage of your store's products that appear within search results and appear on the first page is high.

Shopify Disadvantages

Unfortunately, there is nothing in the world that does not have flaws, for Shopify many flaws and problems affect the opportunity to work in Arab countries, it does not support the Arabic language, and the payment mechanism does not include.

Arab countries and the reporting feature is only available under the high-cost plans. But to be honest, I think the potential for Shopify to work for Arab countries over the coming years is huge.

Take advantage of Drop Shipping methods at Shopify

We have an idea of ​​Shopify and have more knowledge on how to take advantage of it, but what if you love e-commerce but unfortunately don't have products! I'll tell you not to worry, you can use Drop Shipping engines and invest in Shopify... who doesn't know what Drop Shipping is, in short:

Drop shipping is for you to fetch products from the supplier, place them in your online store with Shopify and charge a certain commission on each product you sell,” means as an example (but not limited to):

What is Shopify Shopify Features and Disadvantages

The supplier has an are-watch company, the price per hour is $30, you put it in your Shopify store at $50, so they earn you a $20 commission without any problems

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