Which is the best free SEO tool for 2022?

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools help many website owners with their various rankings to improve the visibility of the website in search pages, as well as to rank their pages in search results (organic search results), without promoting and placing ads.

Search engine tools help SEO to get more access to the site by what the user is searching for, which helps products appear, increase site reach and increase traffic.

Which is the best free SEO tool for 2022

Best Free SEO Tools

SEO's search engine optimization tools help many website owners with their various rankings to improve website visibility in search pages, as well as to rank their pages in search results (organic search results), without promoting and placing ads. 

Search engine tools help SEO with greater access to the site through what it searches for the user, which helps the emergence of products and greater access to the site and increases the number of visits.

Google Analytics is one of the key tools for anyone who wants to work on their web pages and locate them. It can implement various actions, including monitoring web users, as well as the ability to analyze content, streaming users, duration of visits, the origin of visitors, etc.

It also has the advantage that it's very easy to install on your website, so you won't have any problem doing so.

If you want to know more recent content, therefore, can make you receive more visits, it is necessary to take advantage of Google trends.

Through this service, you will be able to see current or past search trends. In addition, you can add keywords so you can find out the search statistics and make comparisons between different terms. This way you can compare to choose the most suitable for your strategy.

Google has many tools to improve web page positioning. One of these tools to have is Google Search Console, an advanced website management tool. Through it, you can obtain information that is very relevant to the strategy and that will not otherwise be available to us.

Through it, it is possible to analyze search traffic and send sitemap files, configure different websites in the same account, get detailed reports, etc.

To finish Google's tools, it's worth mentioning that Google Pages Speed is a service that lets us know the speed of our site. This way you can get information about this aspect that takes into account the well-known search engine.

Getting this information will help you figure out which aspects you should improve to try to improve your website. This way it will be faster and this will help you with SEO services.

Google Keywords Chart is the keyword search tool included in Google Ads. Use it to generate keyword ideas based on ten initial keywords you enter, or by entering a website or URL.

While the keyword chart in its free version contains limitations such as hiding the values of absolute search sizes, it is useful to find keyword ideas that you may have difficulty finding using traditional search tools.

Keyworddit tool extracts Keyworddit keywords from Reddit. Simply enter any sub-forum, and the tool will pull you a list of keywords with estimated monthly search volume values.

This tool will help you find the topics your audience cares about, but you may not have taken them into account.

Keyword search tools

There are many tools that get their data from Google Keyword Planner. 

But this tool is somewhat different, as the way it works depends on the conversations and questions people ask on blogs and social media sites. Then the tool converts these conversations into keywords that you can use on your site.

Keyword Planner is the place to start when doing any keyword research. With this tool, you can search for new keyword ideas and ad groups. And find out the amount of competition for keywords and other characteristics.

A nice free tool, that helps you see where the keyword you are looking for is and how competitive it is.

One of its advantages is that it doesn't just tell you that a keyword has weak or strong competition. It also tells you that this word can be used for competition.

Technical tools for SEO

A ready-to-use tool for beginners. Make it easy to optimize images, content, and descriptions as well as create a Google XML Sitemap and other SEO tools.

A tool that displays the top 100 backlinks to your site, the tool will help you determine which pages get the most links to have a comprehensive idea of ​​your site's backlinks.

A free tool attached to the Google Chrome web browser that most of us use. When you add this tool, the tool evaluates the site you want and gives you an overall result. 

Then it tells you what needs to be modified and developed inside and outside the site to get a better result and thus a better appearance of the site on the search engine.

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