Marketing books the 3 most important books in e-marketing

 Reading is one of the most important means to maximize knowledge, self-development, and advancement in your career, and if you work in a field that develops every day as marketing, your need to read increases more.

and the importance of accumulating your knowledge becomes more urgent, for this, I provide you with a selection of the most important books that may help you as a marketer or entrepreneur to advance in your career.

The 3 Most Important Books on Marketing for Marketers and Entrepreneurs

  • The basics of Marketing - Philip Kotler

Perhaps you expected this book to be one of the first books that I might recommend to you, and I was right because this book is one of the most important and first books that everyone who wants to navigate the field of marketing should start with.

Also, many colleges around the world put it as a preliminary course for those who want to study marketing, because it helps you build initial perceptions to understand marketing, which is one of the most important knowledge that has been adjacent to humans since ancient times.

Its author is considered one of the top 10 influential thinkers in the field of management and marketing and is even considered the dean of modern marketing and his spiritual father, so our facilities will find him in more than one book on this list.

The book introduces you to marketing and the marketing process and how focusing on the customer and his needs is one of its pillars and teaches you how to have a profitable relationship with customers, and helps you understand the market and the marketing environment 

It also helps you to develop and design your marketing strategy based on the needs of your customers while expanding your awareness about the marketing mix consisting of a product, good pricing, convenient distribution, and smart advertising.

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  • Blue Ocean Strategy book - by W. Chan Kim

Every entrepreneur who wants to create his own business has two options, either to develop his project to carry added value to an existing market that allows him to take part in the cake/market or to start and establish a new market away from the competition!

But can it happen In fact, yes it can, and this is explained by the Blue Ocean Strategy book, which is one of the most prominent and important books that may help you stay away from crowded markets?

It is based on the study of more than 150 marketing strategies used over the past hundred years and in many areas exceeded 30 areas.

The book divides the market into two types: a red ocean, and a blue ocean. The book imagines that the red ocean is an existing market full of competition between companies that are sharks ready to enter into violent conflicts for opportunities and maintain their position and profitability, resulting in the ocean being filled with red blood.

The last calm blue ocean is devoid of competition and has not yet been discovered, although it is full of opportunities, and its problem is that it needs some time to prepare and accurately determine the opportunities available in it.

Every blue ocean turns into a red ocean over time, especially if the opportunities available in it are accurately identified, the book has sold millions of copies and has been translated into more than 90 languages

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  • The book of influence, the psychology of persuasion-D. Robert Cialdini

You are a human being and live among human beings, and it is important for you to understand human nature, and how it is affected and influenced by it Thus, you strengthen your social intelligence in dealing with your wife, child, or boss at work, all this is important when you are not working in a field such as marketing.

But it becomes very important if you decide to work in this field, as access to the most important knowledge of psychology, such as the "psychology of persuasion", for example, is the pillar of your professional success, so that you can have sufficient skills to market your marketing plan to your manager, convince a client to buy your product, or convince a colleague to help you accomplish something!

The book, which was published under the name Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion, is one of the most important tools for marketing professionals, as it deals with the science of influence and persuasion by study, research, and analysis and explains to us a set of tactics and strategies that are used in the process of persuasion and lobbying, and this book is probably considered one of the pillars of persuasion books.

Because the writer Dr. Cialdini not only researched and studied at the academy but spent more than 3 years of his life infiltrating the most important assets of persuasion from brokers and sellers to social activists, clergy and fundraisers to study the subject in practice on the ground.

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