What is e-marketing and what are the e-marketing departments?

 E-marketing is one of the general branches of marketing, it is also called (digital marketing), or (network marketing), which is a strategy that is used in organizing the methods of modern communication technology.

 E-marketing is an important part of the modern comprehensive marketing strategy, as it is an important type of marketing method that seeks to achieve its goals via the internet.

It is also described as the process of applying the general principles of marketing science through the use of electronic media, in particular the use of the internet.

The most important types of e-marketing

One of the most important advantages of e-marketing is its multiplicity of methods and tools, which makes it suitable for different types of businesses and ages.

Therefore, it is preferable to apply all methods because, in the end, they flow into one channel, which is what you are marketing for, which will provide greater spread or success over time. 

As it is known that implementation and then seeing the desired results need time, effort, and patience like in other areas, there is no magic wand in e-marketing.

 You bring customers without working. Perhaps one of the most important and influential types of marketing is:

  • For email marketing: (E-mail Marketing )

E-mail remains one of the most prominent tools of communication through the electronic network, according to Mashable, 144.8 billion messages are sent per day.

Of course, this type is not as exciting as other communication tools offered by social networking sites, but it has many advantages and enormous marketing capabilities.

 For example, marketers can take advantage of the privacy of email communication by sending detailed offers to newsletter subscribers.

 As these offers are not available to the general public, such as viewing content or obtaining exclusive discounts.

  • Search Engine Marketing: (Search Engine Optimization )

The main task of the Website is to publicize the company's services and products on the internet, attract the attention of visitors to convert them into customers.

 As is known, a website without visitors is like a product that no one knows, so one of the most important tasks assigned to an e-marketer was to develop traffic on the site.

 Today, we see that a large part of the internet traffic is carried out with the help of commercial search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

 This is because they represent the first choice for surfing the internet. Therefore, it was necessary to develop the site in order for it to get a good ranking in the lists of search engines.

  • Social media marketing: (Social Media )

Social media platforms have become open to everyone, so many companies have taken advantage of using them to improve their communication with their customers or to advertise their services and products.

In general, advertising through social networking sites has become focused on creating good content that arouses interest and encourages readers to publish it in their circle of acquaintances, and therefore this process develops visitor traffic to your website.

Also, these types of messages that are transmitted by friends or acquaintances have a better effect than company messages because their source is reliable.

This type of e-marketing takes a lot of time compared to the aforementioned types, as you can start reaping the fruits of your marketing efforts after at least a few months.

  • Interactive visual advertising: (Digital Marketing )

It is a fairly modern type of e-marketing, as it is interested in attracting and attracting the attention of customers by relying on visual effects through videos that display products and offers, as well as mobile flash ads and many other forms.

It is noteworthy that there are many social networks that provide interactive visual marketing services, the most famous of which is YouTube.

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